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Monday, June 27, 2016

After visiting some wineries in Colorado last summer, we noticed all the "cutsie" sayings on various items for sale in the gift shop.  I jotted several down on my iPhone and this became the basis of this series.  The result was 32 pieces. #wineseries #mixedmedia  All are 12"X12" on canvas.
0 to naked in 1.5 bottles

age and glasses of wine should never be counted

don't cry over spilled milk...it could've been wine

drinking wine is not my habit...its my hobby

grape minds think alike

i am
X having a glass of wine

I could be a morning person if my coffee maker brewed wine

just give me the wine and no one gets hurt

save water...drink wine

step aside water...this is a job for wine

the best wines are the ones we share with friends

wine a little...laugh a lot

wine is sunlight held together by water

wine is to women as duct tape is to men
it fixes everything

wine makes mommy clever

wine...because no great story every starts with a salad

wine...how classy people get wasted

you can judge with one sip but its better to be sure

we have too much wine...said no one ever

wine is the answer. but I forgot the question

first thing on my bucket list 
is to fill it with wine

jack handey quote


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