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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Borderline Series.
Today there are so many divisions between people based upon beliefs, experience, ideals, history.. .  These divisions have always existed but in the 21st centery they are exploited and hyped  and the gulf widens between us.
Joni Mitchell writes in her lyrics to "Borderline",
 "Every bristling shaft of pride
Church or nation
Team or tribe
Every notion we subscribe to
Is just a borderline."

Even though these lines create a separation between us....they can also become a path of commonality or compromise that we can travel along together.

This is the "series statement" for my most recent series.

 between love and hate

choose right

coping with conflict


everybody wins

for argument's sake

changing belief systems

it's complicated


political wave

powerful knowledge

reach across the aisle

the end in mind

the front line

what the have nots have

"Smug in your jaded expertise
You scathe the wonder world
And you praise barbarity
In this illusionary place--
This scared hard-edged rat race
All liberty is laced with
  Joni Mitchell

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Its been a while since I have posted....Have you missed me?
I am working on a new mixed media series on paper, some of which are posted below.  I am working on titles so they are pretty new. Each was started with crinkle packing as the first pass and layers of paint, drawing media, gesso.

COMMENTS welcome as always....